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I am seeking a third term as your Mayor. I am asking you to decide whether you want me to remain in the position based on my previous eight years in office. I am proud of this record and the direction it has led our City.

I have always believed that for Clinton to excel, we must be different from our surrounding cities. We must establish ourselves as a go to place and market that difference. The schools have always been one of those separating factors, making Clinton better. But we must separate ourselves in other ways also.

I invite you to review my web page as you make your voting decision in the general primary, June 8. I have posted seven areas representing one hundred and fifty-four major accomplishments since July of 2013. These areas are City Transparency, Public Safety, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Infrastructure, History, and City Promotion. Within each category, I speak to the accomplishments over the last eight years and my direction for the next four years. Please take time to review them and like and share with your friends if you agree.

As you review these categories, take note of;

    1. The recruitment and construction of Continental Tire, the 2500 jobs it will bring, and the use of State funds to enhance fire protection and lowering the City fire rating from a 5 to a 4. Also note the additional 1,000 new industrial park jobs in addition to Continental.
    2. The results of my work with Hinds County, the State of MS and the Federal Government bringing over $17,000,000 in funding from sources outside our budget. To put this in perspective, during the July 2013 -March 2021 timeframe, the City budget has ranged from $15,000,000 to $18,000,000 per year, so we have had the value of nine budgets in eight years due to outside revenue sources.
    3. The improvement in your Parks and the numerous upgrades and rebuilds.
    4. The safety of your City, from unranked in 2013 to the third safest City in MS the last three years.
    5. Spending $7,394,890, or $1,232,482 p/y between 2015 and 2021 on street paving from City, County, and State resources.
    6. The filming of two (and a possible third) national movies in Clinton between Feb 2021 and June 2021.

There is another category that I want to cover – volunteerism. Our City has a wonderful reputation for the “volunteer spirit”. Our Visitor Center cannot operate without its ninety-eight volunteers. Main Street and the Train Depot rely heavily on their 180 volunteers. Baseball, softball, and soccer could not function without the hundreds of volunteers that make each season successful. Thank you for your service to our City.

I have done large volunteer projects also. After my election as Mayor in 2013, I chipped asphalt off Monroe Street. After re-election in 2017, I cleaned all four quadrants of the entrance/exit ramp at I-20 of grass and vegetation., Finally, prior to construction of Lions Club Park, I saved the root system on existing trees in the new Lion’s Club Park by killing and then pulling the vines down – saving $10,000 in project cost.

I ask you to review my record and vote to re-elect Phil Fisher Mayor of Clinton.

Together We Can Do Anything.



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