Phil Fisher For Mayor of Clinton MS

Accomplishments in City Public Safety, Quality of Life, Efficiency and Transparency
July 2013 to March 2021

Parks & Recreation


No City is complete without viable Parks and Recreational facilities that answer the needs of today’s public. Responsible leadership must evaluate the current facilities, assess the needs of the citizens, and plan for future opportunities. Without this forward-thinking approach, the young families every community needs to grow will seek other places to live and prosper.

But the effort does not stop there. Citizens of all ages, and with different interest, must also find value in the City’s recreational offerings. Whether these interests are in sporting fields, walking/biking trails, play grounds or places to “sit back and enjoy a good book”, Clinton must continue to evaluate and improve if we want to continue to grow.

I have been able to fund improvements to our current facilities and build other facilities with money from the state legislature, private sector contributions, matching monies, grants, and smart budgeting. Since 2013, major renovations to the City’s parks and recreational activities have occurred.

Over the next four years, we must increase our momentum by continuing to upgrading existing facilities and answer the needs for future generations. As much as any other factor, the role of modern Parks and Recreation is paramount to a cites future.

Recreational Construction Accomplishments 2013-2017;

  1. In March of 2018, planned and built Towne Springs with money coming from outside the City budget ($20,000). In other words, zero cost to the City.
  2. Negotiated a land swap with MC to take City ownership of the Train Depot land
  3. In April 2018, constructed the Train Depot. Received $225,000 for construction of the train depot from County. Train Depot hosted 120 events in calendar year 2018 increasing to 190 events in calendar year 2019. 2020 events canceled due to COVID-19.
  4. Used $142,333 from Legislature to make improvements to Northside Park (no City dollars):
    1. Resurfacing of basketball courts.
    2. New backboards for basketball courts.
    3. Security fencing at entrance of the park.
    4. New playground and swings.
    5. New picnic tables.
    6. New water fountain.
    7. Fencing around basketball court.
    8. Park rules sign.
  5. Used City resources to construct a walking trail in Kid’s Towne Park. Will asphalt in fall of 2021.
  6. Planned and now building a 15.1mile bike and walking trail throughout City, starting behind the schools on Arrow Drive and ending at Butts Park. Phase 1, behind Arrow Drive schools (out for bid). Phase 2 ($750,000) on Arrow Drive (paid by grant) starts in Spring of 2021, phase 3 Brighton Park to Butts Park in the future.
  7. Bought a paving machine to pave walking trails and bike trails.
  8. Construction of the Bark Park ($48,134).
  9. Traceway Park Baseball field improvements in fencing, backstops and dugouts ($470,483).
  10. Planning/bidding/construction to refurbish Robinson Park underway.
  11. $200,000 of City money was matched by an equipment company adding an additional $200,000 (total $400,000 vs. $200,000) for the new playground equipment in Kid’s Towne Park and Robinson Park.
  12. Made improvements to the bathrooms in Northside, Robinson, and Traceway Parks via cap loan from MDA ($250,000).
  13. Worked with MC to build an outdoor archery range. We will use the range to draw archery tournaments at the high school and community college level to Clinton and increase tourism spending.
  14. Negotiated a land swap with MC to take City ownership of the new Lions Club Park property.
  15. Built new Lions Club Park – designed so that every child can to participate, regardless of limitations. Raised $400,000 from various sources to save the City money.





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