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Accomplishments in City Public Safety, Quality of Life, Efficiency and Transparency
July 2013 to March 2021

Infrastructure Maintenance/Construction


When I took office in July of 2013, the City paving budget was empty. Prior to my 2008 election as a Hinds County Supervisor the paving budget was $500,000 p/y. With the unstable condition of the budget in 2013, I was unable to add any money for paving until 2015. At that time, I committed to adding $100,000 per year to the paving budget and working with the Legislature to receive guaranteed state funds for infrastructure.

From 2013 – 2016 our paving budget was only $300,000 ($100,000 in 2015, $200,000 2016). The 2017 -2021 BoA felt a tax increase was warranted, adding $610,000 p/y to the paving budget. I wanted to assure that the 2021-2025 BoA did not appropriate that tax increase for other budget items and insisted on a sunset clause that would repeal the tax increase in 2021. We continued to add $100,000 per year in 2017-2021 from City money in addition to the tax increase monies.

In 2018 the efforts of a few Mayors (I was one of those Mayors) and the Speaker of the House paid off with legislation guaranteeing cities a certain amount of infrastructure money. Clinton’s share was $672,000, paid at 25% p/y over four years beginning in 2019. In 2021, the BoA repealed the tax increase, as promised, and we will have 100% of the state funding in place in the 2022 budget.

From 2015 – 2021, the City has spent $5,152,890 from its budget on street paving. In addition, from 2015-2021 another $2,242,000 from County and State funds was spent on street paving. This totals $7,394,890, or $1,232,482 p/y over the six-year period, spent on street paving from City, County, and State resources.

In addition to street paving the City has spent another $10,940,095 on infrastructure projects ranging from bridge reconstruction, street reconstruction, and water tank repair from City/County/State revenue resources. All total, since July of 2013, the City has spent $16,092.985 on infrastructure.

I will continue to add $100,000 p/y to street paving in the next term. We must expand the Lovette Lagoon to accommodate new growth in the north and west section of Clinton and remain in compliance with new and always growing DEQ requirements through 2030. I also commit to continued infrastructure repair/maintenance on all City assets to assure we do not have any catastrophes due to neglect or weather.

Infrastructure Maintenance/Construction 2013-2021;

  1. Construction of Hampstead Extension.
  2. Received $472,000 for paving March 2015 and $6,000 for historical signs from the Hinds County.
  3. Worked with other Mayor’s and the Legislature to receive a guaranteed amount of money each year for infrastructure in municipalities. Clinton’s amount is $661.937.
  4. Increased the City street paving budget from $0 to $1,261,937 by adding $100,000 per year from the City revenue and using the state guaranteed $661,937 p/y.
  5. Received $770,000 from Hinds county in 2019 for street paving.
  6. Used CMPDD grant for to repair and repave the Magnolia Road (2020) $577,944.
  7. Repaired 4 bridges in the City mandated in the federal inspection decree;
    1. Midway Bridge replacement with $377,717 from MDOT.
    2. Cynthia Road replacement $840,350 from Emergency Road and Bridge Fund.
    3. Kickapoo Bridge replacement with 661,675 Emergency Road and Bridge Fund.
    4. Pinehaven Bridge repaired with City money and 500,000 from Legislature.
  8. $1,504,851 in SRF money to construct a 1000 gallon per minute water well.
  9. $221,100 for NRCS drainage improvements.
  10. Used $1,000,000 from the legislature to completed major road projects on Easthaven, Briarwood, Welbourne Circle ($703,081) and the remaining $269,919 for bridge and road repair.
  11. Received an additional $1,000,000 from Legislature for infrastructure totaling $2,500,000 from Legislature.
  12. 2019 – Clinton Water/Sewer System named “Best in the State”.
  13. Took responsibility (from MDOT) of maintaining I-20 right of way so the grass would be cut on our schedule verses 3 times per year and allowing us to clean the underbrush from under the bridges to give our City a better appearance.
  14. Began conversion of existing City street lights to LED, currently 700 of 2,198 completed. The $22,855 in one-time installation cost paid by ENTERGY. In addition, the City saves $5.00 p/m per street light currently saving $42,000 p/y in electricity cost. This is a continuing project.
  15. Completed the lighting of the Parkway with the final 32 LED lights (2017 and 2018). Plans are to extend the lighting from Northside to Arrow Dr. along Pinehaven.
  16. Received $700,000 from Congress for water/sewer. Used to refurbish southside water tank.
  17. Rebuilt intersection at Mt. Salus/College (remember the Bermuda Triangle).
  18. Rebuilt/reworked the bricks on Monroe Street.
  19. Removed 26 unsafe/dilapidated structures.
  20. Worked through the Public Service Commission to question Entergy’s pricing structure. Result is pending as of March 2021. Potential saving to the City $120,000 to $160,000 per year.


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