Phil Fisher For Mayor of Clinton MS

Accomplishments in City Public Safety, Quality of Life, Efficiency and Transparency
July 2013 to March 2021

City Government Transparency


I believe that a government operates best when the citizens are well informed and have an opportunity to fully understand what its elected officials are doing. It has been a major effort during my time as your Mayor.

 I took the first step by streaming the BoA meetings beginning in Sept. 2013 and continuing today. Starting in 2013, I hosted a monthly radio show to talk issues of importance to the City.  When MC closed its station, I streamed meetings to speak with the City every quarter of every year since 2017 with topics important to the operation of the City.

City minutes, going back to 1928 have been place on our web page. We introduced the BoardSync program to allow better transparency of today’s City minutes. The City agenda is posted on the web page. The web page was upgraded from a pdf. format to an interactive page. I have an “Ask the Mayor” section allowing daily access via the web page so that I may answer your questions. I strive to respond to your question/comment the day you send it.

I started weekly emails (the email blast) to inform the City of current and upcoming events. We combined the online calendars of the City, CPSD, and MC to inform residents of all activities available in our community on any chosen day.

To assist both the public and commercial businesses with information needed to do business with the City, I placed “Map Viewer” online allowing anyone to check tax parcels and zoning without coming to Community Development. We Codified City ordinances/land use map/comprehensive plan and put on the web page.

I will continue to seek ways to keep our City ahead of the curve in the area of transparency, using new technology as it become available, to better inform you of your City’s activities and actions.

City Administration/Transparency Accomplishments 2013-2021;

  1. Started streaming the BoA meetings in Sept. 2013 to give more citizens access and engagement to the City meetings.
  2. Twice a month radio show. When MC closed their radio station, I began quarterly streams to the city on specific topics (Retail Coach Aug 2017, Mad Genius Nov 2017), Crime numbers (Feb 2018) Clinton Next presentation (June 2018). Economic Development Director (Oct 2018), Parks and Rec (Feb 2019), Police (Sept 2019), SBA loan process for Coronavirus and Updates from Agriculture Commissioner, State Epidemiologist, and Speaker of the House (March 2020), Update on Entergy Complain with PSC (July 2020), General update on PD, PW, PR, ED, COVID-19 (Nov 2020),
  3. Started weekly e-mails to inform City and promote transparency – 46% open rate vs. an industry average of 20%. And a “click through” rate of 27% vs. average rate of 8%.
  4. Reworked the City web page from a pdf. to an interactive modern webpage.
  5. Placed Map-Viewer online allowing anyone to check tax parcels and zoning without coming to Community Development.
  6. Put City minutes on line going back to 1928.
  7. Certified Local Government (CLG) – received $2,000 for National Register survey.
  8. Olde Towne Historic District placed on the National Register (2017).
  9. Became a certified Local Government to open new avenues for federal grants.
  10. Codified City ordinances/land use map/comprehensive plan and put on the web page for the convenience of the public with $45,000 of the $75,000 from CMPDD.
  11. Combined the online calendars of the City, CPSD, and MC to inform residents of all activities available in our community on any chosen day.
  12. Created com, a curated “things to do” website for residents.
  13. BoardSync program to allow better transparency of City minutes.
  14. Developed the Wayfaring system throughout town to direct visitors to areas of interest.
  15. Made signs on Arrow Drive recognizing all Clinton state championships.
  16. Added and elevated the following positions to staff level to allow a growth in these areas and expansion of programs for the benefit of the entire City;
    1. Established Communications Director position to get Clinton’s message out to the local, reginal, state, and national market place.
    2. Established Grants Administrator position. (2014-2017).
    3. Established a fulltime City Attorney to handle legal issues in house and save the hourly fees charged to the City from an outside firm on day-to-day legal issues.
    4. Established a fulltime Judge position allowing the police department to utilize technology in conjunction with a streamlined warrants process resulting in quick and efficient warrant service. The full-time judge position allows the process from “crime to jail-time” to be streamlined and consistent. The Judges court policies increased collections by $172,161 in calendar year 2019 ($666,254 (2019) vs. $494,092 (2018)) more than paying for the Judge position and all court upgrades.
    5. Established a fulltime Economic Development Director position allowing a person to focus 100% of their time to the retail, and industrial promotion of our City.
    6. Promoted Main Street, Train Depot, Wood Center, and Visitor’s Center heads to staff level position with their own budgets.
  17. Elevated women, Hispanics, and African Americans to key staff positions.
  18. Changed the City payroll system to achieve better efficiency.
  19. Established a Department Head committee to review and rewrite the City policies.
  20. Established a committee to recommend a fair pay system to the BOA. Assured male and female employees are paid equally for the same job position.
  21. Established a yearly pay raise system that gives raises based on work effort vs. across the board raises.
  22. Increased police department pay an additional $1,300 to 25 underpaid patrolmen (2013).
  23. Reduced the number of billboards with Lamar Advertising allowing only 2 billboards on City property, included free use of digital billboard space to advertise City events.
  24. Took major steps towards a paperless city.
  25. Developed Fresh at Five farmer’s market with a $35,867 grant from the USDA.
  26. Train Depot organized a “Rail Club” and hosted the first model train display over the 2019 Christmas holidays with 700+ visitors.
  27. Began Polar Express.
  28. Initiated and enforced beautification ordinances to deal with unkempt buildings and property to include tearing down eyesore structures.
  29. Privatized landscaping to save the City money and promote a better appearance.
  30. Created Visitor and Business Kiosk for tourism and business support at and housed in local hotels.
  31. Woods Center improvements – ping pong table, pool table, therapeutic equipment, sofas, TV. Program expansions for both seniors and special needs residents.
  32. Restored the City budget to the black.
  33. Used the money from State refund of engineering money ($125,0000) to establish a rainy-day fund requiring 5 BOA votes to spend.
  34. Added a budget line allowing yearly City building maintenance and used it to update/replace old or broken flooring, roofing, furniture, and the structural integrity of every building except City Hall, preserving the City’s structural assets.
  35. Began the Clinton Employee Education Program with HCC and MC.
  36. Established Mayor Art Exhibit in Woods Activity Building and City Hall.
  37. Added the Artist Bicycle exhibits in Olde Towne.
  38. Added miniature cars in the Boulevard District.
  39. Hosted a golf tourney to raise funds for Parks and Rec.
  40. State sanctioned car show in Sept. 2014 -140 cars, Sept 2015 – 80 cars, Sept 2016 -80 cars, 2017 – 110cars. Sept 2018 – 76 cars, Sept 2019 – 95 cars, 2020 canceled due to COVID-19.
  41. Added a mobile Caterpillar for selfies around town.
  42. Built “Turner the Train” for fun transportation during events.
  43. 2020 Clinton named 5th best City in MS based on Census and FBI crime stats, up from 7th in 2019, unranked prior to 2018.
  44. During the Coronavirus the train depot and Main Street provided crafts and reading programs for children as well as virtual scavenger hunts.
  45. During the coronavirus the City hosted the virtual Caterpillar parade and encouraged families to post their pics and videos on the City web page.


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