Phil Fisher For Mayor of Clinton MS

Accomplishments in City Public Safety, Quality of Life, Efficiency and Transparency
July 2013 to March 2021

Economic Development 


Our City has worked diligently to increase employment opportunities to Clintonians since July 2013. We need to be a City that can not only educate our children from pre-school to PhD., but host businesses in Clinton that will employ them and keep future generations from moving away. We also need to bring talented people to Clinton with high paying jobs to keep our City growing.

I worked with State and local officials to bring the Continental Tire Plant to Clinton. I negotiated grants with the State to pay for water/sewer lines required to support the project (totaling $2,924,458) at no cost to the City. Continental Tire brings 2,500 jobs to Clinton – a major win for the City and we are already benefiting from their presence. Our hotels enjoy an 85% occupancy rate and since the City adds a 3% tourism tax to hotel bills, promotion revenue has increased significantly. Most important, overall sales tax receipts are up, despite COVID-19.

Our Industrial park business growth and expansions produced over 1,000 new jobs since July 2013 Taylor Machinery, Robertson Produce, Auto Plus, E3, Bradley Flooring, Siemens Entergy, Sullivan Insurance, Gulf Relay Trucking (and their expansions), McNealy Plastics (and their expansions), Birdsong (and their expansion), and Gulf States (and their expansion), totaled 1000 new industrial park jobs.  

I recognized that we must change how the City recruits new businesses. I hosted the “Clinton Next” project and took 15 Clintonians to Tupelo to see how their relationship between government and business has led it to regional leadership. The knowledge gained from the trip and the Clinton Next meetings held in the City help establish our City planning/budgeting to guide us on a path to 2050.

Clinton Next also proved the need for a fulltime Economic Development Director. Despite opposition from members of the BoA, in April of 2019 we hired an Economic Development Director to manage the City’s efforts to gain businesses and grow our tax base. He works both in the state and throughout the United States to bring companies (large and small) to Clinton. The goal is to take the Economic Development department out of the political realm and place/fund it within the business community. Keeping Economic Development is too important to depend on the political whims of the day. It must be positioned to operate with a consists direction built on long term trust.

Our Economic Development Director has utilized the most cutting-edge technology to promote our City including 3-D google imaging and Zoom meetings to sell prospects on Clinton. We are the only City in the state utilizing Lobaki’s technology. His efforts are paying off as the consist of our economic direction is improving steadily.

We have gained much ground, but we cannot rest or even slow down. I will continue to push Economic Development as a top priority in the coming years to assure Clintonians can work in quality, high paying jobs with companies based in our community. As we succeed, more families can educate their children, enjoy the lifestyle, and retire in comfort. In other words, Work, Live, and Play in Clinton.

Economic Development Accomplishments 2013-2021;

  1. Hired TheRetailCoach to work retail businesses in community (2014-2018).
  2. Hired Mad Genius to brand/advertise the City – “You Belong Here”. Held branding event and used 4th of July fireworks to introduce a song written for Clinton. You Belong Here campaign won prizes for the campaign.
  3. Announcement of Continental Tire Plant, negotiated grants with the State to pay for water/sewer lines to support the project (totaling $2,924,458). In other words, no cost to the City.
  4. Some of the $2,924.458 from the Continental water lines was also used to increase City fire protection in West Clinton while agreements with Mt. Olive Water Association and St. Thomas Water Association increased fire protection in West and South Clinton. Increase fire protection in North Clinton down Pinehaven via agreement with North Hinds Water Assoc. With those moves and the addition the Pinehaven fire station, fire truck, and fire personnel, Clinton fire rating dropped from 5 to 4, reducing your fire insurance rates.
  5. Industrial park gained – Taylor Machinery, Robertson Produce, Auto Plus, Gulf Relay Trucking (and expansion), E3, Bradley Flooring, Siemens Energy, Sullivan Insurance, the expansion of McNealy Plastics (2017) and again in 2018, Birdsong Expansion and Gulf States expansion, totaling over 1000 new industrial jobs.
  6. Continental Tire is up and running with an eventual hiring of 2,500 new jobs. This is a major win for the City and we are already benefiting from their presence. Our hotels enjoy an 85% occupancy rate and since the City adds a 3% tourism tax to hotel bills, promotion of Clinton – from New Orleans to St. Louis/Atlanta to Dallas – has increased. I negotiated the payment of the required water/sewer lines by the State of Mississippi and the additional lines constructed led to a decrease in your fire rating from a 5 to a 4. Most important, sales tax receipts are up and while I cannot give a number to the influence of Continental, I know it has been significant.
  7. MS Dept. of Revenue moved to Clinton (700 employees).
  8. Passed “Go Cup “legislation for Olde Towne District through the Legislature. Establish a “Go Cup” area for Olde Towne Clinton to promote activities.
  9. Passed street legal golf cart through the Legislature.
  10. Hosted “Clinton Next” project and used the knowledge from that effort in City planning/budgeting to establish the City’s path to 2050.
  11. CSPIRE Fiber to the neighborhood in 2017.
  12. AT&T 5 G capabilities 2018.
  13. AT&T full fiber overlay 2018.
  14. COMCAST – 1 GBPS service to city via Fiber overlay.
  15. 1% tourism tax increase by vote of the citizens (raising tax from 2% to 3%) to further promote the City in the region.
  16. Atlas Restaurant established their first restaurant in the State.
  17. Sonny’s Bar-B-Q located in Clinton.
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