Phil Fisher For Mayor of Clinton MS

Accomplishments in City Public Safety, Quality of Life, Efficiency and Transparency
July 2013 to March 2021

City Promotion


Our location in Hinds County and next to Jackson demands that we separate ourself from their issues and establish Clinton as “THE” City in Hinds County to start/expand a business, enjoy a safe quality of life, and raise a family. If we fail to do that, we fail the next generation.

To compete with comparable cities in the metro, state, region, and even nationally Clinton must clearly establish and promote itself in specific ways. We started this process with the establishment of a Communications Director in 2013.This action took all City advertising and promotion under one person to assure continuity and focus. We then began promoting the City online, billboards and magazines to specific markets from Atlanta/Dallas-New Orleans to St. Louis to encourage travelers to make Clinton the place to stop when traveling on 1-55 or I-20.

Promotion of what is available to see and the events we host will bring people to our community to spend time and money. This spending helps relieve the financial burden on those that reside here and could result in families deciding to move here.

Clinton has been known as a giant in education, producing students ready to succeed since the 1970’s. As you know, from pre-school to PhD., a student can receive an education here second to none in America. But in today’s world Clinton must be more than an education city.

Our community must excel in other areas. We are fortunate that we have the foundation to do so, but we must build on that foundation. Since 2013 Clinton has proven we can run with the “big Boys” by hosting a national softball tournament, professional bike races, and provide the resources to film “Hollywood” movies.

The next step is to add to the momentum already underway. While COVID-19 canceled all outdoor events, your City continued to prepare for the return of outdoor activities. Discussions with the Little League baseball organization are underway to bring a play up tournament to the Little League World Series to Clinton. The same opportunities are available for soccer at the Community College/College level – after all, Clinton already has the only professional soccer club in MS. The Archery Range at Traceway Park positions us as the state leader in that sport, allowing other teams to come here to compete vs. the MC and Clinton teams going somewhere else.

When we expand our reach to businesses like Amazon and Google, they take note of a “feisty” Mississippi town that is aggressively pursuing their business. Seeing them today will put us on their map for tomorrow.

Reaching out internationally, as a sister city to Zarafshan, Uzbekistan makes others understand that our City vision does not stop at the City limits. I will continue to promote our City on the grand scale so that we may rise to a level of national stature.


We must combine our many different advantages into a single direction that maximizes the capabilities of Clinton. When we begin to sell the entire scope of what Clinton stands for, what Clinton can do, and our willingness to work with other for shared success. I believe we can accomplish anything we set our collective minds to do.


City promotion in the region, the country, and internationally 2013-2017;

  1. Began promotion of Clinton online, in magazines, and with bill boards from Atlanta to Dallas/New Orleans to St. Louis to encourage tourism and make Clinton the place to stop on I-20.
  2. Kept the Women’s Junior College Division II National Championship in Clinton, generating $300,000 in sales over a five-day period and making Clinton the only City in Mississippi to host a national championship sporting event thru 2020 (canceled due to COVID-19).
  3. Host a yearly Professional Bike race April and August 2018, August 2019, March 2020 (cancelled due to COVID 19).
  4. We are in contact with representatives of the Little League World Series and with the work underway at Traceway Park on the baseball fields I will attempt to get a play up tournament to the Little League Worlds Series in Clinton.
  5. In a nation-wide vote, the water tower by Clinton Jr. High voted the 3rd best in America.
  6. The byline for any information sent to the world by Continental Tire Clinton has Clinton, Mississippi on it. This allows those that have never heard to Clinton to take note of a community that is ready to compete in the world market place.
  7. Joined the Sate of MS, the MS National Guard, and Sister City International to sign a Sister City agreement with Zarafshan, Uzbekistan. Made a trip in May 2019, hosted a return trip in Oct. 2019.
  8. Two movies, “Teacher’s Watching” (Feb. 2021), “Coin” (Mar 2021) were made in Clinton. Negotiations are underway for a third movie scheduled for June 2021. We continue to work with various producers to expand our “Hollywood Presence” and enhance our national exposure.


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